Have you ever seen cool ads on your screen that make you tempted to click on it? Well, stop. Adware is a dangerous computer software that can damage and infect your computer. If you want to prevent adware, you should first know what it is and why it is dangerous.

What Is Adware?

Adware is basically any sort of software application that advertises banners on a website while you are running it. Adware is dangerous because it can contain code that tracks your personal information, invades your personal device, and sends your personal information over to hackers.



How Adware Works:

Spyware is like a spy camera that wiggles through the guards of your computer and finds its way onto your screen. It is normally hidden in the background and tracks your activity and monitors your information.

Adware is a bit different from spyware. The writers of these ads add a bit of extra code to the popular websites that you visit and display flashy and captivating advertisements to you. Don’t fall for that click-bait though, once you click on it, you are sent to a webpage where they track your information. Adware is the ad that takes you to the spyware.

What Does Adware Do?

Adware simply tracks your personal information. Some adware is used as a data collector that tracks all the websites that the user visits on the Internet and then “recommends” certain ads based on the search and view history so you will be interested in clicking it.

Sometimes, when you download free software, after you use it for a couple moments, it will pop up a notification that will ask you if you would like to continue using the software with ads, or if you would like to pay a “premium” to remove the ads. This make you choose the free option, of course, leading to a load of pop up ads.

How To Avoid It

  • Beware of Click-Ads
  • Read licensing
  • Be careful on what you download


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